Welcome to The Talk Exchange!

As the value and trends of open, interesting, and inspiring discussion continue to rise and fall, The Talk Exchange aims to keep these types of exciting communication on the market.  The aim is to help you and your group invigorate the manner in which you communicate by providing you with resources that facilitate the process.  Too often, our communication styles tend to be mundane and repetitive, especially if we consistently conduct meetings the same way without ever switching things up.  This guide is for any facilitator or member of a group who wishes to catalyze their fellow group members into challenging their beliefs, opinions, and mindsets by holding stimulating discussions and deliberative meetings.

To get started, here is a rough guide and some shortcuts for navigating the site:

  • Curious as to what mobilized the creation of the Talk Exchange? Check out the About section for a personal narrative about my experiences with a discussion group I started and the research I conducted for my independent study on these types of communication.
  • Are you a facilitator? Do you conduct meetings on a regular basis for a group, team, or committee? Head to the Facilitation section for tips on how to create an open, honest, and welcoming environment for exciting dialogue to take place.
  • If you are a facilitator, group member, or just a cool person looking to have some interesting discussions with your friends (or strangers!), the Discussion section can get you started.  There you will find various suggestions for meeting styles, opening questions to get your discussion going, as well as a plethora of personal and group questions to get you thinking.
  • Planning a meeting with an end goal or decision as the objective?  Then you are deliberating – and guess what you should do? Yep, you guessed it…make your way to the Deliberation section!  Here you will find resources for deliberation styles such as Open Space, World Cafe, and a few others.  Use these tools to switch up the way you conduct your meetings if everyone looks like they would much rather be somewhere else every time one occurs.  You are probably boring them…or maybe just your meeting style is…(let’s go with that one).
  • Once you have successfully navigated those options and you feel your stock in the Talk Exchange still is not high enough and you would like to invest more, reference the Resources section for some additional capital.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for additional material or resources, please head to the Contact section and send me a message.  I appreciate your ideas and am always looking to answer (or at least attempt) more of life’s big questions, so send them my way!